Justin Corbett

Collected Works


Slow Motion Sequence

I started Slow Motion Sequence in 2003 as an outlet for my music, as well as the music of others who share a similar affinity for deep, tech-oriented, and psychedelic sounds. 

SMS 001 – Justin Corbett – Monolith / Stasis

For the first release on Slow Motion Sequence, JUSTIN CORBETT drops two diverse slices of dancefloor damage. The B-Side is “Stasis,” a cut engineered for being either a blissed-out set opener or a late-night floor burner, while “Monolith” is a peak-time breakbeat-driven monster for the A-Side, customized to push the party into overdrive with its tight drum edits, hypnotic bassline, and drugged-out effects.

SMS 002 - Jeff Bennett – Perceptions EP

After a brief hiatus, Slow Motion Sequence is back with the first in a series of exclusive releases, and kicking things off in fine style is the inimitable JEFF BENNETT. With 12-inch singles for labels like Treibstoff, Jamayka, Poker Flat, Eukahouse, Hi-Phen, Konvex/Konkav, and Worship—alongside compilation credits for Global Underground and the long-running OM Lounge series—Bennett's CV exposes a genre-defying agenda that embraces house and techno with equally convincing measure. His three-song SMS debut carries this tradition with dancefloor results: "Switching" is a deep and techy houser with a field-tested tendency to get bodies moving, while "Imaginations" dishes up a tough and low-slung bass line underneath a seriously twisted dose of sonic atmosphere. "Enclosing The Future" closes the set and builds the vibe with the kind of late-night hallucination that stays with you long after the club closes its doors—a clear and lingering reason why JEFF BENNETT has become one of this decade's most consistent and sought-out producers.

SMS 003 – Envelope – #9 / Sticky Mess

ENVELOPE's debut EP for San Francisco's esteemed Primal Records imprint found a particularly long shelf-life: Already a club and retail success by the end of its original release cycle, "Be There" went into overdrive a year later when Hooj Choons' tech-house sister-label Airtight reissued the package with remixes and widespread European distribution. After a short spell underground, Scot Lang and Ted Graham have returned with their Slow Motion Sequence debut and a much-anticipated follow-up: "#9" raises the stakes for the Los Angeles house duo, fusing a peak-time dancefloor sensibility with the kind of drugged-out tricknology you'd expect from Doc Martin or the London Fabric set, while its funked-up flipside, "Sticky Mess," tears a page from the Paper Recordings playbook—lush and bottom-heavy, four-to-the-floor with a breakbeat wink. For ENVELOPE, this record marks a long-awaited return that was clearly worth the wait.

SMS 004 – Solaris Heights – Rivers (We Are Not Remixes)

With an impressive canon of records for labels like Paper, Guidance, Airtight, Freerange, and Hooj, SOLARIS HEIGHTS needs no introduction. Known for their lush instrumentation, deep vibes, and impeccable studio groove, it’s no wonder why Solaris Heights always make it to the front of many a DJ’s record box. For the latest release on Slow Motion Sequence, SOLARIS HEIGHTS present “Rivers” — a track whose original mixes were issued on Patrick Turner's Movim imprint — and a pair of remixes from WE ARE NOT, the production alias of San Francisco duo Eli Bingham & Justin Corbett. The “I Want My MTV Mix” takes the original straight to the dancefloor with a tough and techy outing that re-contextualizes the vocal and injects a robo-funk vibe that’s guaranteed to get the crowd moving. On the flip, as the title suggests, the "Lightly Touched Dub" moves closer with the original, staking a deeper vibe and more hypnotic approach, while emphasizing the elements and drawing out the groove. Already a West Coast favorite on white label — Doc Martin needed two copies! — the We Are Not mixes of “Rivers” are poised to make their international bow with a club-approved boom.