Justin Corbett

Collected Works



Personal Work

Pecatonica is an ongoing analog film project based primarily in southwestern Wisconsin which examines memories of place, space, and time by using expired film stocks to mimic my own memories which have faded and degraded over time.


Personal Photo Work

Ongoing photographic exploration.


Midwest Hardcore

Band Photography
In the mid-90’s I self-published a  straightedge hardcore fanzine called Frontline. This is a selection of images I shot at that time in various locations around the Midwest for publication in the zine.


StandardVision's SV Showcase X Month of Photography Los Angeles (Group Show, 2017)
Lucie Foundation’s Month of Photography Los Angeles Instagram Jam Pro’jekt LA (Group Show, 2016)

Brian Peterson, Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution In Ethics, Politics, Spirit, and Sound (Revelation Records Publishing, 2009)

Magazines & Fanzines
Maximum Rock & Roll #171 (August 1997, cover and three feature photos)
Heartattack #13 (November 1996, page 46)
Frontline #2 (1996)
Frontline #1 (1995)
Frontline #0.5 (1994)

Hinckley - Hinckley 7” (Renier Records, 1995)
Gadje / Ice Nine - Split 7” (Ebullition / What Else, 1995)
Everlast - Drown The Self 7” (Chapter, 1994)
Halfmast - Together 7” (Third Party, 1994)

The Haas Brothers / Minibeasts

Selected Works

From 2014 to 2020 I was Head of Sewn Fabrication for the Haas Brothers in Los Angeles, Califonia. During that time, I was responsible for material sourcing, vendor sourcing, fabrication, and along with my team, concept and execution of the Beast, Minibeast, and Vermiculation lines of furniture and sculptural art objects from sketch to finished object.